How do you select the right soccer boot ?

It is imperative to select soccer boots that is right for you. On this soccer boots page you will get key information about playing surfaces and the appropriate soccer boots to wear. How it affects the quality of play and the position you play in like :

Goalkeepers would look for soccer boots
Defenders agility and directional change is key for the position. The soccer boots that can provide that sort of value is worth looking into.
Midfielder's soccer boots must offer stability and control and more importantly the ability for the player to run up and down the pitch with ease.
Wingers, because of speed and ability to accelerate at will as well as quick directional change one would look for soccer boots that is light and comfortable. Strikers will gain immensely from soccer boots that is light weight and provides an upper zone for striking the ball cleanly. Remember it's important to select a pair of soccer boots that is right for you.

For me, I think of the preservation of the authenticity of the sport is one of the reasons it is so popular. Don't get me wrong we do see traces of technology in soccer like in the soccer jerseys, soccer boots and now we are beginning to see goal line technology being introduced.
The soccer boots page is here to keep you up on the play concerning all different types of soccer boots and the playing surfaces they are made for. Technology has always been about taking advantage over your opponents so the more you know and understand the better your soccer experience will be.Adidas FG Soccer Boots One of the main things I discovered about soccer boots is that they provide grip or traction whilst the player is running. Also they help with controlling the ball easier. Soccer boots provide a certain level of comfort when shooting for goal. Some experts advise that when purchasing soccer boots one should always know what surface one would be playing on.
Some good advice. Now there are different types of playing surfaces to get to know.They are firm ground, soft ground, indoor, artificial turf/grass and hard ground. Understanding these types of surfaces/grounds enhances the purchase of the best suited soccer boots for you especially when you take into account that they (soccer boots) are designed specifically for a particular surface.This will give the player peace of heart for both their safety and enjoyment.
Adidas Predator FG Soccer Boots

Firm Ground Soccer Boots

It is not rocket science firm ground surfaces will need firm ground soccer boots. Best for natural grass soccer fields and some field turf surfaces. You may see them also listed as "FG" soccer shoes. Be fussy and get the appropriate soccer boots for your safety and enjoyment. You know it pays to do your research on firm ground soccer boots to enhance your game.You the player will look for in firm ground soccer boots based on the upper material and design and the cleat pattern.The "Upper" part of the firm ground soccer boots is made of either a synthetic material or from leather.
Many manufacturers will cater the Upper to the type of player using the firm ground soccer boots. Firm ground soccer boots are engineered for impact absorption and designed for the harder and unyielding pitch. Most cleats are either a conical or bladed shape. They provide the necessary traction while running in a soccer practice or game.
Firm ground soccer boots promote better touch, control or power for the soccer player.We recommend that one finds a cleat pattern that feels best on your foot remembering that it is a 90 min game so any uncomfortable pressure points on the foot must be taken into consideration. Ultimately you want to keep your feet comfortable that allows for free playing in. Firm ground soccer boots have shorter studs and blades which enables the soccer player to have balance and stability. Check out the full collection of firm ground soccer boots on offer today.

Soft Ground Soccer Boots

You are going to want a pair of soft ground soccer boots when playing on soft surfaces. Please note that softer pitches can be tricky to play on and that is why soft ground soccer boots are important to have. Experience has shown that soft ground soccer boots are ideal when the ground is soft underfoot during wet weather.
Soft ground soccer boots has 6 removable studs that can be replaced at regular intervals to maintain best grip and allowing for an enhanced traction that aids movement and reduces risk of injury.The player is able to take on their opponent with confidence and enjoy the comfort of well designed soccer boots. Most of our soccer icons use soft ground soccer boots/cleats especially in the leagues where the surfaces are wet like in the EPL and most of the European leagues.
I personally like soft ground soccer boots because of the traction it gives and the ability to dribble by keeping the ball close.The different types of soft ground soccer boots is a players dream as companies compete with each other for business.Have a browse at your pleasure on our online store for soft ground soccer boots and find the one that suits you.


Indoor Surface Soccer Boots

This is a surface that is designed for obvious reasons to play sport indoors and although this is its purpose indoor surfaces have a place outside as well. The indoor surface is normally ceramic but also can be synthetic turf.These surfaces make the game and ball move faster. It also makes the ball bouncier and more difficult to control.Taking all of this into consideration one must take advantage of technology in the hunt for the appropriate soccer boots that would make our soccer experience a more enjoyable one. As we get to know more about the indoor soccer surface one must remember that traction plays a big part in your soccer boots purchase. The soccer boots that has numerous small rubber studs will provide even digging into the surface and will help your performance.

Artificial Turf/Grass Soccer Boots

Artificial Turf Surface

Artificial grass surfaces are designed to replicate natural grass/fields that have fibers that are non-abrasive and is soft. One of the special features of artificial grass surfaces is that it provides freedom of movement that is crucial for player performance. Depending upon the grade quality of the indoor surface surface the player can choose from a wide range of footwear to suit the surface they are playing on.

Hard Ground Soccer Boots

Oh yes! There is a difference between hard ground and firm ground and yes there are specific soccer boots to suit both surfaces.The firm ground surface is your typical grass field where as your hard ground surface is one that has dry grass and the ground is usually baked in the sun.It is also a ground that has synthetic grass making it hard. Some say that rubber studs would best suit the hard ground surface this is because hard ground soccer boots are typically made with 25 or more studs on the boot as compared to firm ground soccer boots are made with a standard of 12 studs. When you know the surface well that you are playing on will help you make your choice with ease.


We are dedicated to keep you up to speed with soccer boot purchasing as well as keeping you safe. It is my sincere hope and desire that you have a good cache of information that would empower you to make the best purchase for your soccer experience. Please feel free to browse at your leisure and remember to bookmark this page and visit us as often as you desire.

Soccer Apparel

As we know that soccer jerseys are about what identifies a team.The thought of putting on a coveted soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks or Soccer T shirts makes one feel they belong and have an insatiable desire to imitate their favourite soccer icon. So if you are an ordinary fellow like me who wants to represent a team or proudly display your strong allegiance to one then look no further than Whether it be top of the range apparel or more basic (but affordable) jerseys we have a huge inventory of men's soccer apparel , women's soccer apparel and youth soccer apparel to meet your specific need.

Soccer Rookie

Is your Books and DVDs page if you are new to soccer and want to learn about how to play the game.There is insightful information for you to glean from to improve your soccer skills and have a good all round knowledge of how to get started. For parents and coaches soccer fundamentals, drills and the like will help teach and inspire your kids and players alike. So have a peep and remember to bookmark this page.


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